Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Major Peak from 2009 Downfall: The Future of CCTV and Video Surveillance Market

The CCTV and Video Surveillance Market wasn't spared from the massive stroke of the Global Economic Downfall. Not all but most of the larger CCTV Companies around the globe were hardly hit by this unwelcome phenomenon. But as we all know, there's always a rainbow after the storm and the storm that devastated our industry is about the come to an end. There's a striking future ahead of the CCTV and Video Surveillance Market. A very big opportunity awaits.....


The video surveillance market is showing limited unit growth in 2009, but still seeing revenue declines as the weak economy takes its toll. However, the impact is greater in some segments than others, according to market research firm, In-Stat(http://www.in-stat.com). Due to their higher cost, IP cameras will see a large slowdown in 2009 shipment growth. As the Networked Video Recorder (NVR) segment is tied to IP camera shipments that area will be impacted as well.

Meanwhile, stimulus programs are actually increasing surveillance equipment shipments in select applications. "In-Stat sees Digital Video Recorder (DVR) channel shipments growing faster than camera shipments, with hybrid DVRs that can connect to both analog and IP cameras increasing at the highest rate,"says Michelle Abraham, In-Stat analyst. "We expect the overall market to return to growth in 2010."

Recent research by In-Stat found:

* After a decline in 2009, revenue from analog cameras, IP cameras, DVR/NVR, and IP encoders will grow to US$19 billion in 2011.
* Video encoding for DVRs, IP cameras, and IP encoders is moving to H.264 from MPEG-4 part 2. This is enabled by more powerful ICs able to encode multiple streams of H.264 on a single IC.
* As pricing comes down, the attach rate for video analytics in video surveillance equipment will increase at a fast pace.
* Semiconductor revenue for the video surveillance equipment will be stable through 2013, with lower average selling prices offsetting shipment growth.

Reference: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS43398+20-Oct-2009+BW20091020

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