Thursday, October 22, 2009

CCTV Footages: Funnily, Shockingly and Amazingly Useful

How did you find the above sample CCTV footage? It was an accident caught in CCTV camera. Please forgive me but I must admit that I found it very funny at first view. That's the least that I can think of to happen to the waitress in that set up (actually giggling while writing this). It's shockingly entertaining. Kudos to her for getting a tight hold on that tray (LOL).

But seriously, we may find CCTV footages in these kinds of scenarios very useful. It's an honest evidence to probe unwanted incidents in the workplace. In that video, it appeared very clear that it's an accident. Using the recorded videos, authorities will be able to examine the event, identify causes and execute corrective actions and necessary sanctions to responsible personnels. I actually worried for the lady afterwards. I wondered if she's okay. Moreover, I can only hope that their pub is not situated in the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building.

This is another CCTV footage I found interesting. Amazing how the fugitive survived that death-defying crash and still managed to get on his feet and run for his life. But I doubt if he managed to get away from the police. A real-time CCTV video is a very useful lead to help the authorities locate, chase and corner escaping criminals.

We may find a CCTV footage funny, shocking and amazing in a sense. But nevertheless, it still gets to serve it's significance and very purpose; that is to provide a material that will lead to solving crimes and identifying anomalies in a workplace... to apparently establish better operations and procedures.

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