Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The H.264 Standalone DVR: A New Level of Security

With its combined high performance, usability and affordability, the H.264 Standalone DVR is tailored specifically to meet the demands of your video surveillance. Utilizing the advanced H.264 compression technology, it ensures efficient data transmission and high-quality video at a much lower bit rate. Equipped with other key features such as enhanced GUI and mouse support, EMAP and DDNS support, 3G Mobile Phone Viewing, TV out support, multi-streaming and flexibility for integration, it is the ideal choice for medium to large-scale or growing systems.

The Wall-Mount H.264 Standalone DVR
The Desktop H.264 Standalone DVR

Key Features:

H.264 Video Compression Technology
Utilizes an advanced high-compression H.264 algorithm for efficient video recording and management system. Supporting video resolution up to D1, the highly efficient H.264 video compression format drastically reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.
• Longer Recording Time. With high image quality and small file size, the SH Series provide longer recording duration and thus reduces storage cost.
• Efficient Data Transmission. Compared with conventional DVRs, the SH series provide faster network transmission with better video quality via internet.

* The diagram shows that MPEG-4 requires approximately one-third of the bandwidth used by JPEG and H.264 requires just one-fifth. That’s almost a 40% saving between standard MPEG-4 and H.264.

GUI with Mouse Support
Supports graphic user interface as well as dynamic, easy-to-navigate menus to allow users
manage the DVR easily. It features full mouse control through USB mouse for easy setup and operation.

EMAP support via Remote Client
Using an impressive E-Map, you can add floor plans or maps to plot the locations of cameras, sensors and relays. By charting positions this way, the DVR provides you with rapid response-time to emergencies. Via a single click, you can view live display of events instantly.

TV Live Display
With TV out function and IR control, you can easily do on site installation setup, configure video quality and perform local monitoring even without network.

Mobile Phone Surveillance
Supports mobile phone viewing through wireless devices such as cellular phones, PDAs and other smart phones.

DDNS Support
Supports static IP, dynamic IP and dynamic domain name system (DDNS) for easy remote

Multi-Device Streaming Support
Supports simultaneous encoding of D1, half D1, CIF, to allow multi-platform web viewing. Each stream is optimized for its purpose and environment, e.g. if you want to view high quality videos for live viewing, you can stream it D1 via PC. On the other hand, if you want to stream videos using lower bandwidth, you can stream it CIF size via web viewing on PC.

Integration Flexibility
Can easily be integrated with other systems such as Hybrid DVR, Video Server, CMS solutions and Sensors/Alarms.

• SATA Support
• Motion Detection
• Two-Way Audio
• Hardware-Watchdog System
• Real-time event notifications through SMS and Email Alerts

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