Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Genuine CCTV Drama

We've recently seen and heard from the news some astonishing and heart-breaking real-life dramas caught by CCTV. They may look like scenes from a movie but they're actually real - no scripts, no directors and no stuntmen.

Here are 2 of the most sensational and controversial CCTV footages that lately created wild buzz esp. over the internet worlwide.

A Robber's Change of Heart:

A repentant robber fell to his knees and prayed with the clerk of the store during a hold-up, according to US media Wednesday, which said the man nevertheless proceeded to pinch 20 dollars from the cash register.

The 23-year-old initially entered the check-cashing establishment in the midwestern city of Indianapolis, Indiana seeking a loan but left, purportedly to get an identification card that was requested, law enforcement officials told ABC television.

He returned armed with a gun, which he pointed at the employee, telling her that he had a son to feed and "no choice" but to revert to robbery since "times are hard," according to the report of the heist.

But when the clerk started to talk to the man about God, the gunman appeared to have a change of heart, confiding in the clerk about his hardships and asking her to pray with him.

"I started crying and praying and telling him, 'Don't do this,' he was too young to throw away his life," store clerk Angela Montez later told a police dispatcher by phone.

"He took the bullet out of the gun and said, 'Here, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm not going to hurt you,'" Montez said.

The suspect, Gregory Smith, asked Montez for a hug and asked her not to report the crime, then told her to go into the store's restroom and not come out for 20 minutes, police told ABC.

Officials said Smith took Montez's cell phone from her purse and 20 dollars from the cash drawer, leaving the rest of the money behind.

He was arrested on robbery and firearm charges when he turned himself in to authorities a few hours later.

Baby Miraculously Survived Pram's collision with Train:

A six-month-old baby boy whose pram rolled onto railway tracks in front of an oncoming train has survived with only a bump to the head, officials said Friday.

The child, who was strapped into his stroller when the accident occurred, was dragged about 35 metres (yards) by the train as it pulled into Ashburton station in Melbourne's east on Thursday afternoon.

"The pram rolled a very short distance straight over the edge of the platform and onto the tracks right as the train was coming in," Connex trains spokesman John Rees told AFP.

"The baby has gotten away with just a cut on the forehead."

Rees said the driver slammed on the brakes as hard as possible as soon as he saw the pram tumble in front of him, and was aided by the fact that the train was slowing down as it entered the station.

Paramedics, who arrived to find the baby being comforted by his mother, confirmed the child received a bump on his head.

"Luckily he was strapped into his pram at the time, which probably saved his life," paramedic Jon Wright said in a statement.

The accident occurred one day after Connex issued a child safety awareness campaign focusing on warning parents to keep infants strapped into their prams at all times while on train platforms.


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