Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Intelligent Video Solutions

Looking for smarter video solutions? Better search for a venture company that offers a full range of smart video monitoring, analysis and integration solutions to address your market need for scalable solutions that will ease the growing labor cost associated with video monitoring and increase total efficiency and accuracy of video surveillance.

In addition to standard digital video monitoring, the powerful suite of intelligent digital video technologies will provide streamlined threat detection, alert notification based on user-defined criteria, behavior analysis, and alert responses/escalation methods.


Motion Detection with Motion Tracking

Motion detection settings allow you to define areas (or zones) on the screen where you want to detect any visual changes. You can send alert notifications once motion is detected. In addition, after the motion is detected, your PTZ camera can automatically move to look at the activity.

Object Detection/Recognition

Detects left or abandoned object and missing or stolen object in the camera field-of-view or a region within a camera view. Via object detection, you can receive alert notifications if there is a missing object or if unattended or suspicious objects are left on a scene for a period of time.

Counter Flow Detection

Detects people moving against the flow of traffic in the wrong pre-defined direction and immediately alerts users to this possible security threat.

Car Counting

Acquire traffic visibility and key information through Car Counting video technology. Car Counting enables a live count of the number of cars per lane passing through an area or zone of interest that has been drawn virtually on the screen.

Hot Spot Analysis

With Hotspots Analysis video technology, you can determine various behaviors such as length of time spent on a particular shelf in a store, changes in shopping activity over time, traffic and pedestrian congestion, crowding, media effectiveness and a lot more.

People Counting

Delivers significant insights to retail, transport and other major industries by determining queue length and the number of people passing through a pre-defined zone.


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