Monday, July 28, 2008

Drive Safely... with Mobile DVR!

Mobile CCTV is ideally suited for applications where video surveillance needs go on the road such as police cars, school buses, public buses, taxi cabs and the likes. Mobile solution is also appropriate where certain number of cameras are remotely located and it would be more convenient to configure it as a video steamer, wired into the LAN IP infrastructure instead of the Coax cables.

The introduction of Mobile CCTV has been one of the best weapons against crime. It has been proven effective in both cutting and detecting unwanted felonies.

With advanced software applications, the solution can also be used to analyze driver habits and promote safe vehicle operation. When used to its full potential, the Mobile CCTV is an effective tool that will condition drivers to drive safer and take better care of the vehicles to reduce maintenance expenses.

Some of the benefits of Mobile CCTV:
  • Reduces the fear of crime
  • Deters crime and anti social behavior
  • Provides evidence to assist in the prosecution of offenders
  • Enhances community safety
  • Assists the emergency services
  • Enhances personal safety
  • Provides instant imaging information to the Police

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