Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Hybrid Digital Video Recorders

Yesterday, it was a Myth... Now, it is a Fact! A powerful Hybrid comes to Life!

Now, one can implement IP for anything new while still maintaining an existing analog system. The Hybrid DVR solution is capable of accommodating both analog and digital IP cameras. This unique solution assimilates the best of both worlds all in one DVR System!

Competitive Features of a Hybrid DVR:

Analog + IP
Now you can leverage your existing network infrastructure and connect both analog and IP cameras in one DVR system. With Hybrid DVRs, you can install IP cameras and hook them up directly to the network; as a result, you reduce expensive coax cabling costs.

Dynamic Liveview
The Hybrid DVR live view interface allows quick monitoring access for both analog and IP cameras (live display for IP cameras are accompanied by the amount of bandwidth consumed per channel). IP cameras installed in various remote areas can be monitored at the same
time in one central location.

Advanced Hardware MPEG4 Compression
Capable of recording at 25 or 30 fps per camera, the Hybrid DVR can deliver superior image quality in smaller file sizes yet high resolutions.

Power PTZ
With Hybrid DVRs, you can apply Power PTZ tools, allowing you a whole new generation of speed dome camera capabilities. You can easily create presets, group run and patterns. Power PTZ greatly reduces supervision time via on-screen menus that make operation
intuitive and easy.

Remarkable Search & Playback
The Hybrid DVRs can offer effortless pull-down menus to filter your search criteria, allowing you to quickly find and playback videos. You can playback videos at a variety of speeds; you can select several cameras for multiplayback and bookmark important events to reduce investigation time.

Optimize DVR Settings
Conserve your hard disk space by recording only when an event or motion is triggered. You can set triggers based on sensors or relay devices. You can also utilize motion detection recording for areas with minimal activity. You may also choose from variety of resolutions, video quality and capture speeds.

Flexible Backup
Some Hybrid DVRs may allow you to instantly backup video and audio in .mp4 or .avi and .g723 formats. Backup options for CD-RW, DVD-RW and USB are supported, which are ideal when you need to provide third-party people with video and audio of incidents to view on their own PC. Add swappable hard drives, RAID or network storage servers to ensure data-loss protection.

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