Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Remote Client Software

The Remote Client Software offers robust remote capabilities, allowing users to gather information from multiple dispersed systems and consolidate information on a single view for decision making. This powerful application allows live monitoring, search & playback of recorded videos and a number of setup capabilities of any DVR over IP network.

Important Features:

  • Remote Surveillance
    o Real-time streaming video and audio
    o Video event logs
    o Variable display modes
    o Snapshot
    o Image enhancement capabilities
    o Sensor/Relay/Audio control
    o PTZ camera control
    o e-MAP

  • Remote Search & Playback
    o Powerful search tool
    o Streaming playback

  • Remote DVR Setup

  • Live Streaming Audio

  • Talk Feature-enables one to communicate directly to the server

  • Frame Limit Feature-limit the number of frames used to minimize bandwidth consumption

  • Group DVR-connects up to 64 DVRs and up to 1024 cameras

  • Multiple concurrent users can connect to the remote client (DVR Server-side)

  • Unlimited number of user accounts can be created (DVR Server-side)

  • 32 channel and 64 channel layout view

  • Bandwidth-saver feature via MPEG4 Server View

  • Selectable DVR connection

JPEG Stream Connection
-displays the video as motion-JPEG images. The bandwidth it uses to display one camera or 16 cameras is the same but display is at most 5 frames per second but it comes with certain limitations.

MPEG Stream Connection
-streams MPEG4 video to the Remote Client. The frames per second display follows what is set on the server just as long as the bandwidth can accommodate it. Once connected, the number of frames received, frames displayed and the size of data received per second are displayed for the