Friday, August 25, 2017

Protect Your Home with More Than Just Locks and Bolts

 Smart Door Lock

You can make your home smarter and your door access more convenient by using an intelligent door lock controller, remotely accessible through a smartphone application. It secures your home by integrating alarms with sensors through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Unlock the door whenever there’s a guest with just a tap on your smartphone.

Use your smartphone as your virtual key reducing the cost of buying duplicate keys for your door lock.

Receive alarm notifications when sensors are triggered. Alert your family in case of a break in with built-in siren.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Live A Smarter Family Life

Live A Smarter Life

Family Communication

  • Use an IoT Control Panel as core of your Home communication.
  • Connect all communication devices to the control panel and create a room-to-room intercom.
  • Enable in-house and remote group calling.
  • Watch over your family from anywhere using a remote viewing App connected to the control panel.

Home Security

  • Use an IoT Control Panel as core of your Security & Surveillance System.
  • Check live feeds & receive Push Notifications from the control panel when any sensor is triggered.
  • Arm or Disarm lock and alarm systems from wherever.

Smart Life

  • Conveniently manage your entertainment, temperature, lighting and other systems in a single platform.
  • Save on energy consumption by setting timed appliance usage and performance level.
  • Receive intelligent updates on weather, news, and email.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Control from the Wall

DoorPad IoT Control Panel

A vast array of network-based devices has surfaced the global market catering to select residential, commercial and industrial applications - which brought about the need for a central control and management system for all. With simple clicks and taps, consumers now have the power to manage all the entertainment, energy, security, access control and communication systems connected to the network - ergonomically, from the wall.

Depending on the applications and solutions available in the control panel device, users may benefit from:
  • Improved accessibility through central management of communication channels, access control platforms, surveillance solutions, and security systems with just one device
  • Integration and convergence of networked systems and devices
  • Cost-effective IP-based communication services
  • Convenience in upgrade and downgrade of the system according to specific user demands and requirements