Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Smart Video Door Phone: The Next Generation Intercom Solution

 Video Door Phone

Intercom has since evolved from the ancient push-to-talk two-way audio communication device to the more advanced hands-free two-way audio/video communication device. Furthermore, connectivity has expanded from local network to public and global network through VoIP technology. In this age when IoT is on the rise, this network-based device will soon be a common product installed in every facility where communication and security are of great value.

The Video Door Phone is an access control device that lets you view, monitor, and manage your facility's entry points through your smart devices. Some models of video door phone even allows you to integrate it with lock and alarm systems and control security systems from wherever you are.

 Integrated Video Intercom Solution

The Next Generation Smart Video Intercom has various advantages over the traditional and regular intercom solutions:
  • Open platform – Can be accessed through a variety of smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, VoIP phones, etc.
  • Open network – Adaptable to any Telco, ISP, VoIP and SIP network
  • Open device – Can be integrated with other devices for security and automation applications
The intercom that was previously identified as a residential solution has now expanded its reach to commercial industries such as hospitals, banks, schools, industrial plants, airports, etc. The new video intercom systems available in the market are designed flexible enough to cater to various industry applications.

The Video Door Phone features include; but are not limited to:
  • WiFi and/or LAN Connectivity
  • Local and Network Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Android, iOS and Windows Compatibility
  • Night Vision Support
  • Email and App Notification
  • Call Receiving Priority
  • Multiple Device Connectivity