Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Network Video Servers

The Network Video Server is a high resolution network based video server which converts video signals from analog cameras into full frame rate IP-MPEG4 streams and transmit these video images to remote clients over an IP network, such as LAN, intranet or Internet.

Important Features:

Full D1 Streaming
Live video and audio streams are available at full frame rate, real-time full D1 resolution (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576) making the image clearer.

Triple Encoding Technology for Multi-Device Streaming
Supports simultaneous encoding of D1, CIF and QCIF to allow multi-platform viewing.

TV Out Support

Capable of displaying the videos directly to a regular TV Set in high quality resolution. With TV Out function and IR Control, you can easily do on-site installation setup, configure video quality and perform local monitoring even without network.

Bandwidth Usage Saver
With the new Live View Streaming feature, you can view all cameras real-time in MPEG4 format which is significantly smaller in size than the JPEG and MPEG streaming. Aside from individual streaming of channels, it offers MUX streaming which allows streaming of multiple cameras using constant bandwidth.

Important Applications:

Traffic monitoring, School Video Surveillance, Construction Site Monitoring, Production Lines and Factory Monitoring, Warehouse Management, Retail, etc.

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